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space control, counterspace
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space superiority | situational awareness

tracking space objects

protect assets & access | negation of adversary

shutter control and blanket purchases

space control - Combat, combat support, and combat service support operations to ensure freedom of action in space for the United States and its allies and, when directed, deny an adversary freedom of action in space. The space control mission area includes: surveillance of space; protection of US and friendly space systems; prevention of an adversary's ability to use space systems and services for purposes hostile to US national security interests; negation of space systems and services used for purposes hostile to US national security interests; and directly supporting battle management, command, control, communications, and intelligence. See also combat service support; combat support; negation; space; space systems.
- from the DoD Dictionary

STRATCOM fact sheet description of this mission

space control chapter (very short) from DoD Space Technology Guide

Key Air Force Space Programs (local copy), the Space section of AF Handbook for Congress

  • communications systems, sensors, launch/lift resources, satellite control systems, weather systems, counterspace systems, attack warning, space-based radar, and GPS

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